Korg Digital Piano

Japanese company Korg are one of the biggest manufacturers of musical instruments in the world. Their digital piano and keyboard technology is cutting edge and widely used by top musicians from every field. We are proud to now stock the comprehensive range of Korg digital pianos with models for every job.

There are a large number of popular brands that are known for producing high quality musical instruments. When it comes to pianos, Korg is among those names that has shown a tremendous capability of producing world class designs.

This 50 year old brand has gone on to gain a large amount of following and trust among musicians, due to their sophisticated digital pianos. The Korg instrument is a symbol of innovative approach, quality craftsmanship and fantastic design, Korg digital pianos have become increasingly popular over the last decade. This is mainly because digital pianos have made leaps and bounds in technology, allowing them to closely replicate the sounds of an acoustic piano. In this regard, a Korg piano is truly one of the best of the best.

The Korg brand is sought after amongst touring professional musicians. The primary factor behind this is the high durability of the device, and superior touch and performance it offers the player.

korg pa4x 76

Where they score highly in reliability, Korg digital pianos are also extremely versatile. There are a large number of variants among Korg pianos and each of them is affordably priced even when compared to regular digital pianos that offer a similar level of sound. Even the low cost models from Korg can stand up against the more expensive digital piano variants in the market.

From a technical standpoint, Korg pianos have an edge over other piano manufacturers. This is because, Korg ‘s digital pianos are made by experienced and trained fellow musicians to help replicate the sound of a grand piano and acoustic pianos, as close as possible. This means that Korg pianos also have a creative edge over other brands because in addition to the technical standpoint, there is also a musician’s touch when it comes to crafting these special pianos.

When it comes to design, Korg digital pianos are minimalistic, allowing them to be highly affordable yet be a beautiful piece of design that can add to the sophistication of any home. The pianos are made with a slim cabinets that allows them to comfortably fit into any space, even in a moderate apartment.

The high quality keyboard of a Korg piano has a fantastic response time when playing repeated keystrokes. This enables a much more comfortable experience when playing quick musical passages. But the best part about the keyboard is a key touch control function that exists in all Korg pianos. This allows the player to choose between one of three different levels for customisation, enabling the piano to respond to very specific playing dynamics. This allows the user to try out different settings and choose the one that is most fitting with their preference. This effectively means that the teacher and the student can play the same range of notes with a setting that is more comfortable for their level of experience.

Most Korg models are made in Japan and are sold with a 3 year warranty.