Mason & Hamlin

Mason & Hamlin dates back to 1854 and is one of only two surviving piano manufacturers in the United States. The company was founded in Boston by Henry Mason and Eamons Hamlin, one a brilliant musician and the other a brilliant inventor. Originally they built highly regarded organs but turned to pianos in the late 19th century. Through the early decades of the 20th-century Mason & Hamlin pianos were regarded as the very best in the world but even then their boutique production meant few had the opportunity to own one. Since 1996, Mason & Hamlin has been owned by the Burgett Brothers who bought the company with the goal of returning the pianos to their early twentieth century best – combining old fashioned handcrafting with cutting edge research and development to create a piano that made no compromises and satisfies the most exacting of artists.

From their Haverhill factory on the outskirts of Boston, not far from where the company began, the company today produces one model of upright and five sizes of grand pianos in extremely limited quantities, making it one of the most exclusive products on the market. We are proud to be the sole Australian agent for these remarkable pianos. If you demand the best, you simply must discover Mason & Hamlin.
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Tour the Mason & Hamlin factory with lead designer Bruce Clark.