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Learning music enriches the soul, improves focus and learning in many other fields and provides a sense of depth and self-expression. But most of all it is fun!
Our studio is air conditioned and fully equipped with first class facilities to learn at your best.

Melbourne Piano School

Here at House of Pianos Music Academy, we believe in the magic of music and the powerful impact it has on us all. We also understand the important role that music education plays in the development of minds young and old; continually striving to provide a fun and supportive environment for our students to freely explore the wonder of learning a musical instrument.

​Our friendly and highly-skilled teachers offer one on one lessons in violin, piano and woodwind from our beautiful studio in South Melbourne. We tailor to all levels, whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast or preparing for practical examinations, auditions or scholarships.

​I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but more importantly music; for in the patterns of music and all the arts, are the keys to learning. – Plato

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Melbourne Piano Lessons for Kids & Adults

​We are a small but enthusiastic team with a mission to facilitate students of all levels to realise their musical potential. At the academy our specialised lessons focus on fostering creativity and self-expression by providing the necessary tools for our students to more confidently direct their own development.

You won’t find better piano and music teachers servicing the area of South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Southbank, Middle Park, Albert Park and South Wharf.

Learning music has already been scientifically proven as an extremely invaluable process for helping develop focus and increasing basic cognitive abilities in both adults and children. It also enhances the willingness to learn other fields, and provides a depth of self expression, while also being incredibly fun. However, learning music is something that requires a certain amount of dedication, time and most important of all, the right teacher.

At House of pianos Music Academy, we are passionate about imparting the knowledge of the magic of music to other people. When it comes to piano lessons for kids, musical education plays a vital role in the development of their brains and can increase their learning adaptability almost tenfold.

Because of this, it is advised for many children to pick up playing the piano as it is a highly innovative and fun way to increase an individual’s focus.

For Children

When it comes to piano lessons for kids, they have also been proven to increase a child’s cognitive capabilities while increasing their ability in other cognitive fields. It enhances a sense of creativity, and also increases their learning capabilities, preventing them from being discouraged from picking up any activity that has a slightly higher learning curve.

Our instructors strongly believe that music is something that needs to be taught in a very specific manner, so that the individual who is learning the instrument does not see it as a chore.

Our friendly and extremely skilled teachers offer one on one piano lessons from our studio. that will be tailored to each student’s needs.

Piano Lessons For Adults

A lot of people are apprehensive about picking up the piano at a later age, believing that it’s too late for them. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast, piano lessons can be picked up by any individual, as long as they have a willingness to learn. In fact, adults have been shown to pick up basic piano chords at a much faster pace than children, due to their higher developed cognitive abilities. Furthermore, learning the piano at an advanced age can also help preserve motor skills and memory.

Our lessons are taught by highly skilled practitioners who can facilitate individuals of all levels to realise their music potential. Our piano teachers in Melbourne focus on fostering creativity by providing the necessary tools to help you direct your own development. You can look at any region in Melbourne, and you will not find better piano teachers servicing the area.

House Of Pianos’ piano school in Melbourne is a fantastic place to foster this kind of fun, and highly intuitive learning. Our instructors are trained in teaching pianos to students of all ages and all levels of expertise. If you are looking for piano lessons in Melbourne, then check out House of Pianos’ excellent piano learning studio.

Contact us today on (03) 9942 0348 to receive the first lesson half price or message us here for any inquiries.

We look forward to sharing our love of music with you or your budding musician.

Teaching Studio

Lesson Fees

Lessons are charged at a rate of $44 inc GST per half hour or part thereof. Lessons can be booked for 30 mins, 45 mins or one hour slots.

Our Teachers

Susie Xu

Piano Teacher

Justin Beere

Clarinet/Saxophone Teacher

Lucy Warren

Violin Teacher

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