Music Shop South Melbourne

Buying a piano is by no means a small investment. These instruments are made with the highest level of craftsmanship in mind with a significant amount of work, going into crafting, even a single piano. This is why one should not be hasty with their decision to purchase a piano and should always carefully consider not just the type of piano, they want to purchase, but also the retailer they are purchasing the piano from.


House Of Pianos can confidently say that they are the best music shop in South Melbourne. We have pianos, of all variants, including:

Restored and Pre-loved Pianos 

These are pianos that are restored to look good as new while providing great value.

Digital Pianos

These pianos are a significantly cheaper investment as compared to acoustic pianos and with the advancements in technology, these pianos have come remarkably close to replicating the sounds of an acoustic piano.

Upright Pianos

These are acoustic pianos that have a vertical orientation with their strings, allowing them to provide an acoustic sound while taking up a significantly lesser amount of space.

Grand Pianos 

The absolute pinnacle of piano playing. Virtually unmatched in sound, these pianos, while expensive are a fantastic long-term investment, providing you with the highest quality sound that is possible.

Piano Warehouse South Melbourne

Most piano retailers on the market are often looking to make a quick sale and just do the bare minimum. However, our music store in South Melbourne  contains a showroom of pianos that are not shown to the customer until they have been selected and serviced to the highest standards.

Stewart Kelly’s dedication towards playing the piano, and his respect for this fantastic instrument results in every single piano sold by House Of Pianos going through rigorous testing to ensure that you not only get a piano that sounds amazing, but also one that lasts for a lifetime.

If you are looking for a piano in South Melbourne, then House Of Pianos is undoubtedly the best choice to go with. We are not just an ordinary piano retailer. We are passionate about pianos and wish to provide nothing but the best playing and learning experience for our customers.

We have a large number of pianos, of all variants, including a Korg and Casio digital pianos, and new acoustic pianos from Alex. Steinbach, August Forster, Mason & Hamlin and Wertheim as well as an extensive preloved selection from brands like Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway & Sons and Bluthner.

Our piano warehouse in South Melbourne is constantly seeing a large amount of new inventory helping us become the primary retailer in the greater Melbourne region.

Whether you need a piano for home, schools, churches, or even the concert stage, we can ensure that with Stewart Kelly’s knowledge, and with our dedication, we can provide you with the perfect piano that will match your very specific requirements.