Upright Pianos

  • $14,995.00

    Part of Samick’s prestige ‘World Series’, utilising the finest materials from around the world. The German ‘Seiler’ designed Millennia II is one of the most premium upright pianos in the market. At 132cm tall this piano delivers a tonal quality that is more like a grand piano than an upright.…

  • $5,995.00

    The size of this smaller piano makes it an ideal instrument for children just starting to learn. It features coaster wheels to make it easy to move, and a slow close fall to protect little hands. Both these features are normally only found on larger pianos. Its compact size and…

  • $8,995.00

    The JS125SMD model was specifically designed by Samick for the European market. The arm shape has a defined and elegant look. The key lid is stylishly curved out of one continuous piece, not hinge-divided. Additional features include wooden black keys, top grade German Renner hammers, brass castors, improved muffler and…

  • $7,995.00

    The complete piano. At 121cm, the Romance is ideal for teachers, beginners, intermediate and advanced students alike. The Romance models are therefore an excellent choice for parents wishing to invest in a piano that will carry their child right through to higher examinations and performance preparation if desired. It is…

  • $6,995.00

    Simple, yet elegant in style. This piano is suitable for all learners. It features coaster wheels to make it easy to move, and a slow close fall to protect little hands. Both these features are normally only found on larger pianos. Its acoustics will accommodate small to medium sized rooms.…

  • $5,495.00

    This beautifully refurbished Japanese made 124cm Kawai BS10 has a singing tone and wonderful performance that will suit a discerning pianist up to an intermediate standard. It has been prepared by our technicians and is ready to buy now. Our price includes adjustable stool, local ground floor delivery, one tuning and five year warranty.

  • $5,295.00

    The CX21 is a 121cm Japanese built Kawai upright piano. We have refurbished this excellent example which will suit a home environment of a demanding pianist. Our price includes one tuning, local ground floor delivery, stool and five year warranty.

  • Out of Stock

    For those who demand the best, a hand built Mason & Hamlin from Boston is the only way to turn. With all of the features Mason & Hamlin are so famous for in their grand pianos packed into a 127cm upright this is a piano you must audition to truly…

  • $17,995.00

    Revolutions rarely coming to the piano industry, but the new Fandrich series uprights by legendary American piano designer and Del Fandrich have completely rethought how to build an upright piano. With unique design features that improve performance such as the ‘Z-bar’, the back post design, a new way of soundboard…

  • $8,995.00

    If you’re seeking a Yamaha U3 series piano that is younger and in superb condition – look no further than this superb U300 from the mid 90’s. It has been refurbished and prepared by our leading technicians. The price includes local ground floor delivery, one tuning, adjustable stool and our comprehensive five year warranty. Hurry! This one won’t last.


  • $7,695.00

    A superb example of a refurbished Yamaha U3A. At 131cm, the U3 is a popular choice for those demanding a high performance upright. This piano has undergone our extensive testing and checking and is sold with five year warranty, adjustable stool, one tuning and local ground floor delivery included.

  • $6,995.00

    The YUS is Yamaha’s professional series of upright pianos. Fitted with premium hammers, soundboards and prepared by Yamaha’s finest technicians. This superb example has been completely refurbished, selected by Stewart Kelly and is sold with adjustable stool, one tuning, local ground floor delivery and a comprehensive five year warranty.