Kawai GX-2 Grand Piano



Kawai GX-2 Professional Grand Piano

Made in Japan

Length: 180cm

Includes bench and 12 year warranty


Made in Japan, GX Series grand pianos aim to reproduce the delicate control of a full concert grand piano, delivering a level of refinement that few pianists have the opportunity to experience.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the length of the keyboard has been extended significantly, increasing the fulcrum distance for each key. This extended key pivot length results in a more consistent touch weight when playing towards the back of the keyboard, affording the pianist greater expressive control, and allowing one’s imagination to soar freely.

The advanced Millennium III keyboard action incorporates ABS-Carbon materials to further improve one’s playing experience. ABS-Carbon is both highly rigid and extremely lightweight and has long been used in the aeronautics industry as a superior alternative to wood.

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The use of ABS-Carbon makes the GX Series’ keyboard action more durable and less prone to performance degradation over time, while also delivering improved responsiveness and control. This evolution in keyboard touch can be experienced by the pianist with every key stroke.

Discover the Kawai GX2 Grand Piano, a Japanese masterpiece from the GX Series designed to mimic the control of a concert grand piano. Its extended keyboard provides consistent touch and expressive control. The innovative Millennium III action uses lightweight, durable ABS-Carbon, enhancing responsiveness and durability.

This piano features mahogany underfelted hammers, Neotex key surfaces, brass single casters, and three lid props, all in a sleek Ebony Polish finish. Measuring 180cm in depth, 152cm in width, and 102cm in height, it weighs 324kg. The Kawai GX2 comes with a 12-year warranty, promising long-term musical satisfaction.


Beams: 3
Millennium III action: yes
Hammers: Mahogany, underfelted
Key surfaces: Neotex
Agraffes: 1st – 54th keys
Casters: Brass, single
Lid props: 3
Made in: Japan
Colours available: Ebony Polish
Warranty: 12 years

Depth: 180cm
Width: 152cm
Height: 102cm
Weight: 324kg


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Kawai GX-2 Grand Piano