Kawai K-800 Upright Piano



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Kawai K-800 Concert Upright Piano

Height: 134cm with grand piano style case and sostenuto

Made in Japan


Embodying the spirit of an ‘upright grand piano’, the K-800 is Kawai’s finest upright model. Along with all the features of other K series piano, the K-800 includes an elegant Grand Piano style cabinet with a music desk that offers a better reading height and ensures the hands are unobstructed to perform the most complex music. The K-800 also boasts a ‘sostenuto’ pedal like a grand piano to enable performance of the most sophisticated repertoire.

The Kawai K800 Upright Piano is Kawai’s premier upright model, offering the grandeur of an ‘upright grand piano’. It features a Grand Piano-style cabinet, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. The music desk is designed for comfortable reading and unobstructed hand movement, ideal for complex pieces.

Unique to this model is the ‘sostenuto’ pedal, common in grand pianos, allowing for more sophisticated playing. Specifications include a solid spruce soundboard, Millennium III action, and mahogany underfelted hammers. Made in Japan and available in Ebony Polish, the Kawai K800 has a 12-year warranty, promising a superior musical experience.



Soundboard: Solid Spruce
Back posts: 6
Millennium III action: yes
Hammers: Mahogany, underfelted
Key surfaces: Neotex
Front casters: Brass, double
Made in: Japan
Colours available: Ebony Polish
Warranty: 12 years


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Kawai K-800

Kawai K-800 Upright Piano