Wertheim Pianos were originally produced in Germany from 1875-1908, and then from the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond. Around 18,000 upright pianos were made in Melbourne between 1908 and 1935. They were a popular all-purpose piano often found in schools and public halls, due to their reputation for requiring little maintenance. The famous Dame Nellie Melba frequently requested a Wertheim piano for her performances.

The business was very successful during the 1920s. However, the 1929 Depression, the radio and a decline in piano sales saw the factory close in 1935. Wertheim moved to an Asian factory that produced pianos for Yamaha.

​Today the Wertheim brand remains proudly Australian owned by John Martin, one of Australia’s most experienced piano retailers and importers.

​Wertheim Pianos are produced in state of the art factories in China using the best materials from around the world, including high-grade German hammers, strings and actions in premium models. Our top-class pianos for the best value are only made possible by the fantastic team at Wertheim Pianos. This team includes QC specialist Chris Whelan, the world’s leading piano designer Delwin Fandrich, the hard-working factory staff and many other leaders in the piano industry.

​There are three grades of Wertheim Pianos to suit all budgets.

Wertheim Gold

Gold series pianos offer the best value-for-money. They feature outstanding features found in no other entry level instrument including ebony wood black keys, soft fall lids, wooden pedal trap work and high quality strings, hammers and actions.
Gold series uprights are available as 121cm or 123cm from just $5299. Gold series features a 153cm baby grand that retails at $12 995.

Wertheim Euro

Euro series pianos feature premium German-made parts including Struntz soundboards, Roslau strings, and German felt.
Euro series pianos are available in both upright and grand models starting from $7495 for uprights and $14 995 for grands.

Wertheim Fandrich

The Fandrich series redefines the acoustic piano and is genuinely one of the most significant evolutions in piano design in recent decades. These pianos are brand new designs from legendary American piano designer Del Fandrich. They incorporate a number of evolutions in thinking in back post, plate and soundboard design that give the instrument a much bigger voice than comparative sized pianos with unrivalled performance and features that allow the piano to cope in any climate. We are proud to exclusively stock Fandrich series uprights in Victoria. Wertheim Fandrich are available in two specifications with a premium model featuring a professional German Renner action, Renner hammers and Heller Strings usually only found in top grade European pianos. ‘V3’ spec models use high quality Asian parts to deliver the same design in a lower priced offering.

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