Piano Classes in Melbourne

Piano Classes in Melbourne

The old adage that it is never too late to start taking up an instrument is never truer when it comes to pianos. The piano is an instrument that can be learned at any time throughout one’s life, while also providing a positive impact on the brain no matter the age of the individual. There are a large number of successful pianists, both professionals and amateurs, that started out as fully grown adults.

Piano classes for kids are possibly one of the most effective ways to teach innovation, creativity and fine motors skills in children. Creativity is extremely vital for a child’s development, and a piano is an almost limitless avenue for that creativity. Piano classes not only instill a love of classical music in your children, but also encourages them to develop their own ideas and compositions.

When taught by a passionate and dedicated teacher in the right environment, a piano lesson should be as fun as it is intellectual and educational. If your child has an affinity towards music, they are deemed as naturally skilled in creative and divergent thinking. However, studies have shown that simply exposing a child to a musical instrument like a piano can further build this affinity. Learning a musical instrument like a piano, also strongly increases a child’s cognitive capacities as piano playing itself is a fantastic mental exercise that can be disguised as fun.

As previously mentioned, an adult can also pick up the piano. Indeed we have a large studio of piano classes for adults of all abilities and ages. Learning the piano will give you a sense of calm and escape, and will boost your concentration and cognitive ability. This is because music involves critical thinking skills in order to perform and piano is an extremely fun and innovative way to engage those parts of your brain. This means that piano lessons can help increase an individual’s ability to concentrate and solve problems, leading to an enhanced memory function along with significantly higher motor skill dexterity.

If you need piano teachers in Melbourne, then House Of Pianos has excellent staff that can impart the right education, both to children and adults. Our in house Melbourne piano school is specially curated to help foster an environment of creativity and innovation in all our players, while helping them appreciate a deeper sense of music, whatever style you prefer. If you need piano classes in Melbourne, then reach out to us today.

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