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Want to Buy a Digital Piano?

It is no surprise that many piano lovers have turned to digital pianos. Technology has come a long way since the early years of digital pianos with many digital pianos today able to replicate sounds similar to that of a grand piano with a realistic weighted touch. This has enabled digital pianos, with their many benefits, to become popular with even the most demanding music lovers. Explore our range of digital pianos online today.

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Buy Electric Piano in Melbourne

Digital pianos in Melbourne are a lot more affordable than acoustic pianos. While new acoustic upright pianos cost thousands, digital pianos can be purchased for less than $1000. We have a wide range of electric pianos in Melbourne and want to offer as many choices to our customers. You can buy an electric piano from us for an unmatched experience.

The improved speakers can also simulate the full resonance of the soundboard rim and frame of an acoustic grand piano, allowing the digital piano to produce more realistic sounds than ever. Our hybrid models even offer real grand piano wooden keyboards to further enhance the touch experience and bring it even closer to playing on an acoustic grand piano.

Buy Digital Piano in Melbourne

Modern digital pianos do an amazing job of simulating the weighted touch response of an acoustic piano. This means that you can now control fine gradations of sound and subtly change the tone with more refinement. Keep in mind that digital pianos do not require any kind of tuning or maintenance, saving you significant expense over the life of the instrument.

While a digital piano can produce sounds extremely close to that of a grand piano, that is not all they can do. Digital pianos will often be equipped with many sounds of other electronic instruments so you can vary the tone you play with.

One of the greatest benefits of digital pianos is the ability to work silently with headphones. Perfect for those in apartments or large households, once you have the headphones on, you will be able to practice, day or night without disturbing anyone.

Furthermore, the recording capabilities of a digital piano, put them a notch above your standard acoustic pianos. You are able to record a variety of audio formats, allowing digital pianos to become a fantastic tool for both making and sharing music.

We sell digital pianos from leading Japanese manufacturers Korg and Casio, including the revolutionary range of Grand Hybrid pianos from Casio which combine wooden keyboards and replica hammer action with other features of acoustic pianos to give you the most satisfying digital piano performance ever.

If you wish to buy a digital piano in Melbourne, then look no further than House Of Pianos.

We are the foremost choice for most musicians who want to buy a keyboard piano in Melbourne. And we can ensure that every piano you receive from us is thoroughly inspected and made with the highest quality craftsmanship. So, if you want to buy a digital piano in Melbourne, House of Pianos is the way to go.