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We love the piano and want to make sure it is simple for you to choose the right piano for you.



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If you are looking for a piano shop in Melbourne, then look no further than House of Pianos.

We stock a large variety of pianos that will fulfil any requirement. Whether you are a beginner or a concert artist, in a concert hall, church or a tiny apartment, we have an instrument for you. When it comes to piano sales in Melbourne, House Of Pianos stands apart. Thanks to our expert knowledge and passion for the instrument, we are the best piano dealers in Melbourne. With our extensive range, we are sure that you will be able to take home the most suitable piano.

Discover An Extensive Selection at Our Piano Store

Looking for your perfect piano in Melbourne?

We maintain and prepare all of our instruments to the highest standards, utilising leading professional technicians. This is why we are a trusted dealer for many schools, professional musicians, venues and educators. If you are looking for a piano in Melbourne, make sure that you contact us at House Of Pianos.

Melbourne’s Favourite Piano Store

We have curated a range of pianos at every price point that has been treated with a high level of care to ensure that your purchase is backed up with only the highest levels of service and after-sales maintenance.

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While there is no shortage of pianos in the market, many are poorly prepared and serviced. Whether you are dealing with an entry-level instrument or a hand-built concert piano, expert preparation and service are critical to allowing the instrument to perform at its best. Acoustic pianos react to changes in temperature and humidity and need regular servicing to play well. At House of Pianos, we go the extra mile to tune and prepare our pianos.

We understand that buying a piano is a significant investment and can be bewildering. We want you to be completely satisfied and to ensure you purchase a piano capable of fulfilling your needs. Personalised, attentive service is at the heart of our operating model.

At House Of Pianos, we offer a wide range of pianos that are ideal for homes, schools, churches, or even concert stages. We have proudly supplied instruments to many of Melbourne’s best musicians and schools and regularly sponsor concerts and festivals throughout Victoria and beyond.

Store owner Stewart Kelly, who continues to perform as one of the top pianists in Australia, personally curates our range and ensures that no matter what your need and budget, we will find the piano for you.

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