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House of Pianos are Melbourne’s specialists. Our showroom displays an extensive range of digital, upright and grand pianos from leading manufacturers around the world. We offer new and pre-loved instruments that will suit any need and budget.

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Our range of refurbished pianos are extensively tested and refurbished and are selected from leading brands. Our leading technicians prepare each instrument and they are sold with generous warranties.

The cost of restoring a piano depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. At House Of Pianos we have restored pianos, of the highest quality so you know where to buy a piano with the best sound.

Digital Pianos

Digital pianos are a more modern version of their acoustic counterparts. The sound produced by these pianos is produced digitally, when the certain key is pressed, and the piano contains electronic speakers that playback high quality samples of a concert grand. These recordings are previously taken from acoustic pianos to ensure that the sound can come as close to an acoustic piano as possible. Digital pianos require no maintenance when compared to acoustic pianos and are easier to move. The utility and portability of digital pianos makes them a popular option.

Upright Pianos

The distinguishing factor of upright pianos is the positioning of the strings. In an upright piano, the soundboard and plane of the strings run perpendicular to the keyboard in a vertical orientation. This means that an upright piano takes up significantly less floor space than a normal grand piano.

Because of their more affordable price and compactness, upright pianos are ideal instruments for homes and schools. Our upright pianos can also be fitted with silent systems to give them digital headphone capability.

Grand Pianos

If you’re serious about playing the piano and have had a significant amount of experience, then nothing beats the superior sound of a grand piano. Nothing else will compare to the wide dynamic range, rich resonance, responsive touch, and a diverse range of tonality. With all these features combined, a pianist can fully convey a sound expression that is rich and dynamic with varying sonority. This is why grand pianos are the go to for concert performances, and are generally the primary instruments for any serious player.

The greatest pianists in the world have always performed their compositions on grand piano, and for good reason.

If you are looking to buy a piano in Melbourne, or if you want to buy a piano online, then look no further than House Of Pianos. With Stewart Kelly at the helm, we have created a showroom based on passion and expert knowledge. If you want pianos that have been chosen and serviced by the best of the best in the industry, then look no further than House Of Pianos.