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You could ask anyone from a beginner to a professional as to which pianos produce the best sound, and they would have no debate on the answer. Grand pianos have the best sound performance, when compared to any of the other alternatives in the market. They are called ‘Grand’ because of their superior range of tone, touch and power to smaller upright pianos.

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The essence of the sound that is produced by a piano lies in the length of its strings and the size of its soundboard which is essentially the pianos amplifier. Grand pianos are produced in various lengths and can be classed in four broad categories.

1) Baby Grands

Designed for more intimate spaces and homes, a baby grand is generally between 150cm and 175cm in length. These instruments will suit the customer wanting the aesthetic of a grand piano without it taking up too much space. The shortest baby grands actually have strings smaller than a tall upright meaning they are not the preferred option of a more demanding artist.

2) ‘Studio’ Grands

Studio grands are instruments ranging between 175cm and 195cm in length. These larger instruments deliver the control, dynamics and depth of tone that will satisfy even elite artists. They are found most commonly in teaching studios, schools, churches, homes with the space and even small performance auditoriums.

3) Semi-Concert Grands

Commonly referred to as ‘7 footers’, semi-concert grands are ideal for advanced teachers, small concert halls, churches and the homes of discerning piano lovers. The larger size ensures a deep and resonant bass thanks to the longer strings and a richer tone palette.

4) Concert Grands

The ultimate expression of the possibility of the piano, a concert grand runs to nine feet (approx. 280cm) in length. While we do occasionally place a concert grand in an extraordinary home, these instruments are generally found in larger churches, concert halls and auditoriums.

Grand pianos are a symbol of sophistication and class that also produce a high quality sound. House Of Pianos has an extensive choice of grand pianos for sale in Melbourne. Our range includes pianos from prestigious manufacturers in Germany, the USA and Asia in both new and pre-loved models. Come and speak to our experts today. They are available in almost limitless cabinet and colour combinations.

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