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Buying a pre-loved piano can be fraught. There is a lot of misinformation and not always obvious answers. For example, it’s entirely possible that a much older piano that has been lightly used is a better purchase than a younger instrument that has been heavily used. The sort of climate and conditions a piano has lived in can vastly alter its performance. Our experts are fanatical about only offering pre-loved instruments that are thoroughly inspected and serviced and are sold with extensive warranties.

At our store, you will come across the finest selection of used pianos at an affordable price. All our pianos are thoroughly inspected and the wide selection ensures that there are options for both beginners and experts. If you have any questions about old pianos for sale, feel free to reach out to us.

Used Piano For Sale Melbourne

Let’s answer some common questions about buying a refurbished or renewed piano. 

1.) Do pianos improve with age like some instruments?

No. While a piano will mature and ‘open up’ in its first few years it won’t continue to improve for hundreds of years like a violin or cello. It is a complex mechanical instrument with parts that will wear. While a piano has a definitive lifespan (before requiring major maintenance), a well-built instrument looked after will provide many decades of high-performance serviceable life.

2.) So, should I look for the youngest piano I can find?

Not necessarily. Many other factors come into the equation. How much has the piano been used? How regularly has it been tuned? What sort of climate has it been in? Our experts are able to assess these key questions and find instruments in the most suitable condition for reselling.

3.) Are imported second-hand pianos a problem?

Potentially. There is a lot of misinformation around this question. Fundamentally a good quality instrument in good condition will be fine but some of those same questions around climate and working life can make a big difference. Leave it up to our experts to select instruments you can rely on.

4.) What is re-built versus refurbished?

There are no formal definitions of these terms so again there can be a lot of marketing misinformation in the market. We sell pianos as ‘refurbished’ if they have been inspected, cleaned up, and any action parts that suffer common major wear have been replaced. Basically, the instrument was already in very good condition and just needed minor servicing to prepare for sale. A rebuilt piano will typically be an older instrument of a first-class brand that is deemed worthy of major work. In most cases, this will involve replacing expensive, major components including the strings, hammers, action parts and sometimes even the soundboard and tuning block. A fully rebuilt piano (rare in Australia) is basically a new instrument with an old case. This is quite a different proposition to a simply refurbished pre-loved piano.

5.) Is it cheaper?

Generally yes. Buying preloved is a way to get a quality instrument for less than its newer alternative.

If you are looking for a secondhand piano for sale, then look no further than House of Pianos. We stock a large number of used pianos in Melbourne, fully inspected and serviced to give you great peace of mind. We are extremely fussy with our preloved stock. So if you want to buy a second-hand piano in Melbourne, House of Pianos should be your first and last choice.

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