Adjustable Piano Stool



A good quality piano that will last you a lifetime is by no means a small investment. While most people focus on buying the top notch equipment to help produce the best sound they often forget to think about their own comfort when playing the piano.

For an individual who is genuinely serious about playing or learning the piano, investing in a good piano stool will not only ensure that piano playing is easier, but can also provide you with the right posture and prevent you from any complications further down the line. The importance of a good piano stool cannot be understated. This is because whether you are an expert or a beginner who is just learning to play, the fact remains the same. You will be spending an inordinate amount of time over this instrument for practices. A comfortable piano stool can ensure that these performances, do not take a significant strain on your body.

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When buying a piano stool there are certain factors that should be taken into account to help make a choice that will truly give you the benefits you need.

1.The stool should have comfortable padding that does not put too much strain on your body and evenly distributes the weight to your spine.

2.The stool should come with options for adjusting the height. This is because in the event of there being multiple players in your home, particularly children, who are also learning the piano, then an adjustable piano stool will be crucial for them to sit with correct posture.

3.Finally, the style and finish of the stool should match the piano. It would be strange for you to get a matte black piano, and then complement it with a light wooden style stool with a gloss finish. Think of the stool, as an accessory of the piano, which means that both in aesthetic and functionality, the stool should be a match for the piano you are purchasing.

We offer a wide range of stools in various styles, colours and with height adjustment, including class leading hydraulic stools.

If you keep the above factors in mind, you will be able to buy a piano stool that not only fits your criteria for comfort, but would also give you an added ease of playing. If you need a piano stool in Melbourne then House Of Pianos has high quality piano stools both for concert pianists and beginners.


Adjustable Piano Stool