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Adsilent - German Silent Technology

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adsilent can be fitted to just about any acoustic grand or upright piano. Please call us to receive a quote on adding this amazing technology to your piano or visit us to select an instrument from our range and we will install prior to delivery.

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With adsilent there are a lot of possibilities. adsilent - the most advanced silent piano technology from Germany.

adsilent is the most technologically advanced player system on the market. Turn your grand or upright piano into an instrument that can play silently with the pull of a lever. Enjoy a wide variety of sounds through headphones, complete recording functionality and bluetooth control via the adsilent app.

At home

Use the adsilent system at home to ensure you never have to worry about bothering neighbours, family or housemates again. Enjoy the magic of an acoustic piano when appropriate and play with total silence the rest of the time.

Record & Play

Record your performances and send it to your friends, relatives or teachers. This is all possible with the adsilent! Record MIDI data and use it directly with the adsilent app**. Connect adsilent directly via cable to your computer or stereo system to record your performance in audio format.

Ideal for learning

Several students can practice at the same time at the music school. Place several pianos next to each other without any problems. Students can listen to the played exercises via headphones. The piano teacher can plug in a second headphone and listen to his student at any time.


adsilent offers different control possibilities. You can operate it by pressing a buttons at the piano or directly from your mobile phone via Bluetooth**. (Apple iOS and Androids apps are available for free)

Combine with a player system

adsilent can also be added to a player system as a recording system. This combination, will enable you to record your piano performance and play it back live on your player system (e.g. PianoDisc iQ).

The best features of adsilent

Silent-System available for installation in upright and grand pianos

NEW - As an option adsilent for upright pianos is now also available with our very robust steel mute rail. This mute rail is a bit more costly and requires more installation time but it enables the installation of silent technology in some pianos that could not be installed without it. In addition, it offers the ambitious pianist the opportunity to keep the change in the regulation of the piano action as small as possible.

NEW - Next Generation Let-Off Expansion System (= LES system). adsilent is optionally available for acoustic grand pianos with AES system. This additional system adapts the mechanical regulation for use with the mute rail, only when the mute rail is activated. In normal operation, your grand piano remains completely unchanged - as if it had no silent system.

88 key sensors 100% touchless

3 Pedal sensors as standard (sustain: proportional or on/off, soft & sostenuto: on/off) 100% touchless

max. 247 Note polyphony

Piano sound with 9 sample layers and 128 dynamiс levels

8 Preset User Sounds (Memory spaces for preferred combinations of sound and settings)*

A total of 127 sounds, including 5 x piano, 4 x e-piano, 1 x harpsichord, 1 x church organ, 8 other organ sounds

Sound controls: tone, reverb, effect (chorus, rotary), delay, 4 band equalizer*, transpose

Metronome settings: beat, tempo, volume

Recordings: 10 memory banks

10 Demo songs

General settings for: touch control (dynamic), note repeat limit, black key volume, individual key volume, tuning, auto sensor calibration*, pedal switch point, key depth (upper and lower limits), continuous note-on*, brightness of the panel led*, piano type*, tuning curve*

Bluetooth MIDI**

USB MIDI for connecting to mobile devices, laptops or PCs (e.g. for use with apps like GarageBand)

Control buttons for: Tone, Metronome, Recording, Play, Combined Volume/ON/OFF knob

2 x 3.5mm headphone jacks

3,5mm stereo line out

Tuning: 440Hz +/- 13Hz

* Additional function via adsilent app ** Bluetooth MIDI function only available for smartphones and tablet computers