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August Förster 125 F Upright Piano one only

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Produced in strictly limited numbers, August Förster is the finest in German piano making.

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Regular price $29,995.00
Regular price Sale price $29,995.00

August Förster produce high quality performance pianos, synonymous with outstanding style and individuality. To the ear, they boast an even, warm, mellow tone throughout the scale, and to the eye, are designed with a shape and proportion that harmonises tradition and modernity.

Handcrafted in Löbau, Germany, by the Förster family for more than 160 years, these were the favoured instruments of composers Prokofiev, Richard Strauss, and Puccini. They remain amongst the most desirable pianos in the world and are produced in extremely limited numbers.

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August Förster Pianos

August Förster Pianos are known for their quality and individuality. There are different sizes to explore from this German Piano brand and it continues to be a favourite for both beginners and experts. The piano has built a powerful reputation for quality and has a clear and distinctive sonic quality. The treble is understated but crystal clear. If you are looking for European pianos, the range from August Förster makes a great choice.

August Forster Piano For Sale

Since 1859 August Förster pianos have been handcrafted in the beautiful town of Löbau. Now in the sixth generation, this family owned company continues to create musical masterpieces from the same factory in strictly limited quantities. You will own a piece of musical history.

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August Förster is a premium German brand and offers the finest pianos with premium German parts throughout and iconic designs. Be it the quality construction or the crisp touch, you will be impressed with every aspect of the August Förster Piano. At our store, we also have used pianos in excellent condition. Our pianos are refurbished with excellent care for unmatched performance.

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125 F Upright Piano Specifications:

125cm (49") x 58cm (23"), 240kgMountain spruce soundboard and ribs – Beech and spruce frame – Hard rock maple bridges – Traditional sand cast iron plate – Renner action – Premium Renner hammers – Spruce keys – 19 ply “Delignit” beech pinblock – German “Diamant” tuning pins – Röslau wire – Slow close fallboard – Real ebony sharps – Solid brass hardware – Sostenuto pedal
Deluxe concert stool – Two tunings – Local ground floor delivery – 10 Year warranty
Sergei Prokofiev, 1937 :

“I must say that I am pleased as ever playing your – August Förster – grand piano. It is in points of euphony [melody] truly superior in both bass and descant. Its mechanism allows me to reach all dynamic layers of sound with ease. Also, its tuning keeps very well. I openly congratulate you, Mr. Förster, and would like to tell you that you have my highest respect.”