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Upright Piano For Sale in Melbourne

Upright pianos are sometimes considered the lesser cousin when compared with a grand piano. There is no question that a quality concert grand piano is the pinnacle of piano performance, thanks to their incredible size and richness of tone, sustain and depth. However, a grand piano is impractical for many settings.

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Fortunately, an upright piano is an ideal alternative for smaller homes and studios, as they allow you to still enjoy the unmatched romance and beauty of acoustic music making in an instrument that requires less space and is more affordable.

Like grand pianos, upright instruments come in various sizes. The general rule is that the taller the piano, the better it will perform. This is because it will have a larger soundboard and longer strings. The best analogy is to that of a painter’s palette: a bigger piano is like having more colours. The instrument will be more refined and offer a greater range of tone and dynamics. Upright pianos begin around 109cm tall and can reach 133cm.

Upright pianos come in a range of cabinet designs from elegant homages to olden times to contemporary and modernist cabinets. Most manufacturers offer a range of colours and timber veneers in addition to the most popular high gloss black poly.

We also now offer the addition of a silent system to any of our upright pianos, allowing you to mute your instrument and turn it into a digital piano to be played silently with headphones. This is especially great technology for customers residing in apartments. Ask us about silent system technology. If you are looking to buy an upright piano in Melbourne, then look no further than House Of Pianos. We stock pianos from a range of leading manufacturers around the world at all price points.

We have a large range of new and pre-loved upright pianos for sale in Melbourne and you can be assured that every one of our upright pianos in our South Melbourne showroom are thoroughly inspected by Stewart Kelly to ensure that you get an instrument that is fine tuned for your needs.

We will help you select a piano that suits your room, will perform to your needs and meets your budget. If you’re looking for an upright piano for sale. Simply go with House Of Pianos.