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Casio Celviano AP-550

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Where self-paced musical exploration meets uncompromised piano quality. A modern take on the traditional cabinet piano, the AP-550 marries classic tones and sharp resonance with Bluetooth connectivity and authentic digital piano features in a timeless yet contemporary design.

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Regular price $2,999.00
Regular price Sale price $2,999.00


The ”Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard CELVIANO Edition” combines the hammer action mechanism of a grand piano with digital control technology, offering expressive playability with varied touch sensations based on the playing style and range. The white keys are made with a hybrid material of spruce wood and resin, similar to those used in grand pianos, ensuring a natural feel and a luxurious finish. You have precise control not just during key presses but also by adjusting the key release speed, allowing you to delicately control the timing of dampening and nuances in resonance.


Featuring two high quality concert piano samples along with 24 other tones.

Visual Information Bar

The new ”Visual Information Bar” on the front panel allows for visual confirmation of playing velocity, pedal operation, tempo, and beat through light indicators.

Instant RePlayer

With continuous recording that covers up to 270 seconds previously, the "Instant RePlayer" allows you to revisit your performance anytime without worrying about actively recording.

Wireless MIDI & Audio

Utilise the included "Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10)" to wirelessly connect with your smart device, enabling audio playback through the instrument's sound system and MIDI data communication.



  • Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Key Material: Hybrid of Wood & Resin

Number Of Keys:

  • 88

Touch Response:

  • 5 sensitivity levels
  • off

Sound Source:

  • Multi-Dimentional Morphing AiR

Maximum Polyphony:

  • 256

Number Of Tones:

  • 26


 Built-in Songs: 60
 Lesson Function: Part ON/OFF (Part Select: right hand, left hand, both hands)
 Song Expansion (User Songs): 10 songs (max.) Up to approximately 320 KB/song
 Demo Songs: 2


Instant RePlayer
 Data capacity: 270 sec.

MIDI Recorder
 2 tracks (1 system track + 1 solo track), 1 song
 Real-time recording, playback

Audio Recorder
 To USB memory: max. 99 songs, approximately 25 min/song


 3 built-in pedals(included)
 Damper (continuously variable)
 Soft (2 levels, off)
 Half-Damper Pedal Operation: Yes


 Size:12cm x 2 + 3.5cm x 2
 Speaker system:2-channel/4-speaker


20W + 20W (maximum output)

Power Supply:

 AC Adaptor: AD-E24250LW

Power Consumption:

  • 20W


1,401 x 440 x 891 mm (w/o music stand)

Included Accessories:

 Wireless MIDI & AUDIO Adaptor (WU-BT10),
 Music Stand
 AC Adaptor (AD-E24250LW),
 Adjustable-height Piano Bench
 Headphone Hook