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Roland KF10 Kiyola Digital Piano

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Finish: Real Oak
Roland Kioyla - Like no other piano. Handcrafted in Japan. Available in real oak and walnut. Delivering nationwide.

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Regular price $6,999.00
Regular price Sale price $6,999.00

Stand out from the crowd with Karimoku hand-crafted all-wood cabinet

Designed in-house by Karimoku – Japan’s largest wood furniture-maker since 1940, and a noted exponent of environmentally friendly, low-formaldehyde timbers – the KIYOLA KF-10 is unlike any other piano on the market. Hand-crafted in Japan from all-natural wood, the result is a slim, stylish, ergonomically contoured cabinet that complements your living space like a piece of artisan furniture. Perfect for players who want to make a statement, the individual grain patterns are unique to each piano, as is the natural ageing of the wood, whether you choose a finish of Walnut (KF-10-KW) or Pure Oak (KF-10-KO).

Pure, natural wood for quality you can see and feel

Admiration alone is not enough: you’ll want to reach out and touch the KIYOLA KF-10. The cabinet’s smooth, contoured side panels are inspired by Karimoku’s high-end sofas, while the slim legs help it blend seamlessly into your living space. By keeping the controls to a minimum, the KIYOLA KF-10 preserves the organic look, with the volume knob and buttons all located on the side to prevent any distraction while playing. The cabinet lid also doubles as the music rest, for an aesthetic that is simple and compact. Over the years of ownership, you’ll also appreciate the beautiful ageing of the natural wood, just as you’d expect from high-end vintage instruments and furniture.  

Hand-built by masters of traditional Japanese wood crafting

Renowned for their uncompromising attention to detail and perfectionism, Karimoku’s experienced craftsmen build each KIYOLA KF-10 cabinet at their Japanese factory which is located in the same part of Japan as Roland’s headquarters and factories. The cabinets are then shipped to the Roland plant for assembly of the internal electronics, speakers and keyboards. With environmentally friendly materials and methods used at every stage, this collaborative manufacturing process ensures the KIYOLA series is ethical and of consistent high quality.  

The Roland KF10 Kiyola Digital Piano is a beautiful blend of art and music crafted by Japan's leading wood furniture maker, Karimoku. Each piano features unique oak or walnut finishes, giving it a distinct, personalised look. Designed for comfort and style, it fits seamlessly into your home decor with its sleek, ergonomic design and minimalist controls.

The cabinet lid also serves as a convenient music rest. This piano is a result of a collaboration between Roland and Karimoku, ensuring top-quality sound and ethical manufacturing. The Roland KF10 is more than an instrument; it's a timeless piece that enhances your living space.

FINISH: Real Oak, Walnut