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Kawai K-600 Upright Piano

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This Piano is part of our Grand Opening Sale. House Of Pianos Grand Opening Sale is on now and must end June 1. Visit us in store or make an appointment online for best price on Kawai, Roland, and Casio pianos. Kawai K-600 Upright Piano Height: 134cm Made in Japan Includes 12 year warranty, bench and one tuning

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Regular price $16,995.00
Regular price $18,995.00 Sale price $16,995.00

Designed for the most demanding of pianists, the K-600 boasts additional height and features to produce a wider sound palette and more depth and range. At 134cm, it is one of the largest upright pianos in production. In addition to all the standard features of K series uprights, the K-600 includes agraffes on the bottom 51 notes of the piano, which ensure string alignment is perfect and produces a greater clarity of sound. In addition, the K-600 has duplex scaling in the treble.

The Kawai K600 Upright Piano is designed for serious pianists, standing tall at 134cm for a broader sound range and depth. This large upright piano features agraffes for perfect string alignment, clearer sound, and duplex scaling in the treble for enhanced tonality.

It includes a solid spruce soundboard, Millennium III action, mahogany underfelted hammers, and Neotex key surfaces, ensuring responsive touch and lasting durability. Measuring 153cm wide, 65cm deep, and weighing 280kg, it's made in Japan in an elegant Ebony Polish finish. The Kawai K600 offers a 12-year warranty, making it a reliable choice for dedicated pianists  


Soundboard: Solid Spruce

Back posts: 6

Millennium III action: yes

Hammers: Mahogany, underfelted

Key surfaces: Neotex

Front casters: Brass, double

Made in: Japan

Colours available: Ebony Polish

Warranty: 12 years

Width: 153cm Height: 134cm Depth: 65cm Weight: 280kg